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The ruins of Balaclava House above Melness House - Photo © Iain MorrisonThis project was conceived in the summer of 2005 on a visit to Melness. I met family I hadn't seen for many years as well as old friends. In the course of conversation, old stories and family memories came to the fore. I realised that I was the last surviving male of our Morrison Family that had been born in Melness. I also realised that I had taken for granted what I though I knew about my family, however, a visit to the cemetery made me aware of how little I knew.

I started to search on the Internet, but almost nothing about Melness was listed, so I decided I would do something about it and registered Melness.org.uk and began researching. The site has been running for a number of years now and it was time to have a new design, principally to allow larger photos and wider pages as the previous design was somewhat restrictive.

I would love to hear from anyone who has any link with Melness or any of the small townships that make up Melness. I intend to create as comprehensive site as possible about Melness, its people and their History and their present activities. I would also love to find out more about the history of Melness and hopefully find some more old photos of the village or its inhabitants that can be included on the site. There is also a forum page for any discussion about anything to do with Melness. Click on the Help Page to see how you can help me. Help Page

I have already have had a great deal of help from locals and exiles alike and my thanks goes out to them for their generous help! Acknowledgments

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About The Project

Melness Pier Photo © Iain Morrison Welcome to the Melness Internet Site. This is a labour of love for me. It is a celebration of all that makes Melness a wonderful place. It holds so many fantastic memories for me, growing up there until going to School in Golspie. It is a celebration of the people, their culture, history, music, poetry and heritage. I hope you like the new design and find the site easy to use. There are lots of new pages and resources to enjoy and many more to come in the future. Enjoy, Iain