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Rust in Peace - an old farm impliment Photo © Iain Morrison 2006On this page I want to outline some questions and information that I am looking for. As much information as possible is required to allow me to make a comprehensive documentary about Melness. When I started researching the history of Melness in August 2005, little did I imagine how much information I would find, or what a fascinating story I would uncover. I am determined to tell the story well and in detail, to this end I need the help of anyone who has any information on Melness.

I am looking for information relating to local customs, and farming techniques, old photos and postcards showing Melness in the past are of particular interest as they provide an excellent record of people, events and places. I would also be interested in local stories and legends - I have quite a number that 'Angan' (Macleod Talmine) told me when I was young, but I would like to check that these belong to Melness. I would also like stories of interesting locals. Melness people appear to have had a tradition of writing poems about topics such Bus trips to Wick - does anyone have any of these poems and information on who wrote them? Does anyone write poems today?

Other interesting areas would be information on the coming of tarred roads, mains water and electricity, the construction and use of the pier as well as the Corn mills, Post Office etc..

Other useful information would be documentation in relation to individual crofts and any stories attached to their formation. School memories and photos, the construction of the hall at Talmine and any Church information would also be interesting. I now know there were three Corn mills - I have lots of information on the Talmine Mill - from the Sutherland papers, Alec George, The Late Hugh Macdonald and Historic Scotland, but would like more information on the others? I have photos of the site of the other two but no documentary evidence or indeed local knowledge about the mills. I am also interested in the Coastguard team and any rescues the team may have been involved in. I am looking for information on Melness Bards and Pipers as well as the Melness band with Joseph and Bally Mackay. If you have any other information I would be delighted to give it a home and provide a research resource as well as a social history and community site. All help will be acknowledged. Any material sent to me will be looked after carefully and returned immediately and all expenses will be paid. Help Page

I have already have had a great deal of help from locals and exiles alike and my thanks goes out to them for their generous help! Acknowledgments

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Melness Pier Photo © Iain Morrison Welcome to the Melness Internet Site. This is a labour of love for me. It is a celebration of all that makes Melness a wonderful place. It holds so many fantastic memories for me, growing up there until going to School in Golspie. It is a celebration of the people, their culture, history, music, poetry and heritage. I hope you like the new design and find the site easy to use. There are lots of new pages and resources to enjoy and many more to come in the future. Enjoy, Iain